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Biomedia Thailand produces over 200 different formulations of pre-poured media (PPM) that are used to grow microorganisms such as bacteria or yeast. Our PPM can be in the form of agar, semi-solid or liquid solutions. It can also be in different types of labware such as agar plates, tubed or bottled, depending on our customer’s requirements and the manner the culture media are used in the laboratories. We cater to the needs and requirements of our customers by providing them with the flexibility to select and source for the raw materials from various sources.

PPM has many diverse usages in a wide range of industries as microorganisms play a vital role in our daily lives. PPM are routinely used to grow, isolate and identify microorganisms that cause diseases and food spoilage and are mainly used in the following industries:

Hospitals are one of the biggest users of PPM as many common ailments are caused by bacteria infections, including food poisoning, sore throats, STDs, and tuberculosis. The PPM is used to conduct diagnosis of patient illnesses by identifying microorganisms that cause a particular illness. It is also used to test the effect of antiobiotic concentrations and its effectiveness in killing bacteria so that the effective dosage of drug can be prescribed to the patient.

Food & Beverage Manufacturing
PPM is largely used for sterility testing of raw materials and food products in various stages of manufacturing processes. PPM is also used to encourage the growth of beneficial organisms in the food production process such as beer fermentation and yoghurt production.

Government Regulatories
Government agencies involved in the regulation of the pharmaceutical, food & beverage and biotechnology industries use PPM to conduct safety tests on the products and manufacturing facilities of these companies, to ensure that they conform to stipulated standards.


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