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Distribution of Quality-Testing Equipment

Our products assist the manufacturers especially the quality assurance and R&D researchers in creating better and safer products which are used in our daily lives. We offer a wide range of equipment and instruments designed to test the different properties of materials and components of a product, equipment, vehicle or even an infrastructure for industries such as aerospace, automotive, biomedical, building and construction, food and packaging, metallurgy and polymer.

Our testing equipment and instruments are designed to measure or conduct tests on the quality and reliability of materials or products in the following areas:


Industrial Industrial

These equipments are used in the automotive, petrochemical, textile, metal, polymer, food and packaging industry. They are capable of testing the properties of various types of materials such as plastic, rubber, steel and construction materials in areas such as tensile, viscosity, hardness, fineness, rate of dissolution, permeability and electrical conductivity. 

Medical Medical

These equipments are widely used to test radiation devices, calibration tools, measurement instruments, radiation detection systems, quality assurance protocol for radiation equipment in hospitals, as well as radiation protection gear and monitors. They are equipped to test the intensity of radiation rays such as beta and gamma rays. 

Pharmaceutical & Chemical Pharmaceutical & Chemical

Our equipment is able to measure the stability and reactivity of pharmaceutical compounds, cement, gunpowder and other chemicals to both evaluate their catalytic properties and identify optimal storage conditions for temperature sensitive materials. Other applications include the evaluation of drug assimilation and assessing the explosive nature of materials at elevated temperatures. 

Environmental Environmental

Our equipment is capable of measuring chemical composition in water, monitoring water contamination and running routine chemical detection in industrial establishments. We also distribute a full range of simplified test-kits for quick screening in any probable water contamination scenarios.

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