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This glossary contains explanation of the terms and definition used by Biomedia. The terms and their meanings may not correspond to standard industry meaning.


A sugar galactose polymer obtained from the cell walls of some species of red algae or seaweed. Its chief use is as a culture medium for microbiological work.

Analytical Chemistry
A sub-discipline of chemistry which involves the identification of different types of chemicals, their characteristics and quantities in which they are present.

The equipment used for sterilisation of DCM. After the sterilisation process, molten DCM is pumped from this equipment onto the production line.

Our in-house terminology for the commercially viable diagnostic tools manufactured by use. These diagnostic tools assist our customers in the efficient and effective diagnosis and treatment of biological conditions caused by disease-causing agents.

The study of chemical substances and vital processes occuring in living organisms.

Clinical Diagnostic System
Reagents, test kits and/or equipment used to aid in the detection of illnesses.

Dehydrated Culture Media, an agar powder which serves as the raw material for the manufacture of PPM.

The study of blood, blood-forming organs and blood diseases.

The process of localising proteins in cells of a tissue section.

Laboratory IT Solutions
Our in-house terminology for the provision of customised IT solutions to be used in the laboratories of our customers.

Biomedical equipment, reagents and test kits; Laboratory equipment and labware; quality-testing equipment and other related products.

Laboratory ware.

Laboratory Information Management System. This system allows, amongst other things, laboratories to trace and track all samples or specimens that are received into the laboratory, tests performed, methods utilised, their results, any changes to results, control limits, quality-control values, and also to track the analyst, date and time of each step in the analysis process.

The study of all aspects of microorganisms, organisms which individually are generally too small to be visible other than by microscopy.

Pre-poured Media. Ready-made microbiology agar in dishes or bottles used in, amongst others, clinical disease diagnosis, quality-control of food, beverages and drugs.

Refers to chemical compounds used in laboratory analysis to initiate a chemical reaction, usually used together with biomedical equipment.

Typically used to conduct quick tests on specimens for a specific result, usually used for diagnosis as well as life science research. Test-kits are used to test for the presence of specific virus and bacterium and to identify blood group type and antibodies.


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